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Culture of fascism

"[College] protesters — some of them non-students — are involved in what's called, to invoke a trendy term, 'cultural appropriation.' In this case, it is the culture of fascism. Benito Mussolini's rise to power in Italy was facilitated by the steady use of violent protesters to break up meetings and silence opponents. The tactic proved successful, and in 1922  Mussolini became dictator of Italy. Hitler, on the other side of the Alps, took careful notes." —Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen


Campus Leftists Target Professor

Campus Leftists Target Professor Who Objected to Demands That White People Leave Campus

Guy Benson: May 30, 2017 10:25 AM     Source link

The left-wing denizens of the Pacific Northwest have outdone themselves again, evidently determined to steal Northern California's crown as the least tolerant region in America. Fresh off of violent threats from "anti-fascists" in Oregon that forced the cancellation of an annual rose festival parade (because local Republicans were planning to participate in the tradition), here we have a college professor being driven away from his classroom in Washington state -- under the recommendation of campus police -- because he objected to a ridiculous left-wing scheme of racial division and segregation.

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