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Brain science

Physical activity changes the brain

Researchers have found that exercise changes the brain in at least 3 desirable ways

Regular exercise changes the structure of our bodies’ tissues in obvious ways, such as reducing the size of fat stores and increasing muscle mass. Less visible, but perhaps even more important, is the profound influence exercise has on the structure of our brains—an influence that can protect and preserve brain health and function throughout life.

In fact, some experts believe that the human brain may depend on regular physical activity to function optimally throughout our lifetime.

Here are just a few ways exercise changes the structure of our brain.

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Sugar on the Brain

Bursts of sugar send a surge through the body that has a major effect on the mind

We crave sweetness, but it’s clear that too much leads to suffering. Large-scale studies show that excess sugar consumption can significantly raise the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Our chronic inflammatory reaction to sugar is one factor behind the proliferation of disease in the body, but the mind also suffers from this inflammatory process.

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